Big Data, Big Money, Big Benefits?

The NOESIS project has just finished its second and final year, and we are celebrating the occasion with the launch of our new website,

The website contains a collection of over 100 Big Data use cases in the field of transport and logistics, serving as a reference point for transport operators, transport authorities, and transport policy makers. For the first time the major Transport Challenges of our times are also associated with Big Data applications. What is more, the socio-economic value anticipated from such applications is assessed. is also offering a simple-to-use Decision Support Tool to quickly assess the socio-economic benefits expected from Big Data applications in Transport. The Tool is using machine learning techniques to predict the potential value of Big Data investments. The prediction algorithms are based on a sample of over 100 Big Data in Transport use cases that the NOESIS consortium analysed. The Tool can be used for pre-screening when considering Big Data investments.

For any potential investments that are deemed positive by the Decision Support Tool, is further offering a socio-economic Impact Assessment Methodology (IAM) for Big Data investments in Transport, which supports a more detailed assessment of the envisaged costs and benefits.

Finally, the website is also offering a set of policy guidelines aimed at policy makers wishing to support the establishment of a European Big Data in Transport ecosystem of actors.

NOESIS was also honored with the Best Innovation Project/Solution award in the 2019 Smart Transportation Alliance Annual Conference & Innovation Awards, which took place in Brussels, on November 26th, 2019.

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