Big Data in Transport Working Group

The “Big Data in Transport Working Group” (in brief NOESIS WG) is a group of individuals (under the umbrella of the NOESIS project) that are interested – from a scientific and practical point of view – on the topics that were addressed by the NOESIS project throughout its whole duration.

It will be formed in an informal way, as a network of individuals, after the NOESIS project’s closure and will initially consist of persons that have been actively involved in all the phases of NOESIS.

The main aim of the Working Group is to capture the momentum that has been generated in the project, and to exploit the project results on a voluntary basis while at the same time promote Big Data in Transport solutions. The NOESIS WG intends to:

  1. Disseminate the project’s results and findings to key stakeholders (Transport Operators and Authorities, Policy makers and Decision makers, Transport experts, planners and researchers).
  2. Capitalise the outcomes of the project and seek ways of exploiting and sustaining its legacies.
  3. Provide visibility to the persons involved in the project, as well as some kind of credibility in terms of their expertise in the topics addressed by the project.
  4. Sustain the regular contact and communication among its members towards future and further Research and Innovation activities relevant to urban mobility.
  5. Organise meet ups in European countries to discuss about Big Data in Transport.
  6. Organise training programmes, seminars and conferences addressed to transport professionals interested in gaining the necessary background information to implement Big Data solutions in their organisations.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about our WG. If you wish to learn more about the Big Data in Transport Working Group or you want to be part of it, you can send us an email at  wg (at) bigdataintransport (dot) eu