NOESIS 5th project meeting and workshop in Madrid

The 5th NOESIS project meeting and the 3rd NOESIS workshop were held in Madrid, from the 9th to the 10th of May 2019 hosted by Universidad Politécnica De Madrid (UPM). All NOESIS partners gathered to discuss the advancement of the project and the tasks ahead.  A workshop was conducted on the 10th of May with invited experts in order to discuss and validate the main outputs of WP3 (Big Data Learning Framework) and the progress so far of WP5 (Social added value, business models and sustainability). The discussion focused on the validation of the NOESIS Decision Support Tool and the results of Task 5.1 (Data Benefit Analysis and Impact Assessment Methodology).

The feedback for the Decision Support Tool included the proposal for the development of additional features to expose more facets of the results. These additional features (i.e. possibility to view the cluster that a particular use case belongs to, or which of their own project attributes a user should change to improve expected benefits) though not initially foreseen in the GA are considered important for the exploitation potential of the tool.

Regarding the Impact Assessment Methodology, the invited experts did not only give their feedback on the critical impact attributes, but also analysed the pros and cons based on their experience. One of the focuse of the workshop was the adoption of single or multiple micro use cases to test and valid the proposed framework.

After the end of a very successful and fruitful workshop, NOESIS consortium discussed the results of the workshop and the plan for next steps.