Press release: building the Big Data in Transport Library

Press release (NOESIS project, October 2018)

NOESIS (Novel Decision Support tool for Evaluating Strategic Big Data investments in Transport and Intelligent Mobility Services) will help understand how to evaluate Big Data investments in transport.

The project addresses the urgent need to understand and predict the impact of Big Data applications and technologies in transport and logistics. It achieves this by building a database of Big Data in Transport use cases and by developing a Decision Support Tool providing the anticipated benefits and costs for society, users and stakeholders, evidenced by the collected Big Data use cases.

To assist us on implementing the NOESIS tools for decision-making needs, we are asking for documented information on projects you conducted, and on Big Data tools and methods that you used. You can register and submit your Big Data use case by visiting the online survey here: or you can send us a short description of your use case here: and we will contact you directly.

NOESIS benefits

Private sector: When transport authorities and transport operators have evidence (provided by NOESIS) to decide on which Big Data projects to invest in, they will be more confident to proceed with such investments. Therefore, more stable and stronger demand should be expected for Big Data solutions. If you are providing such solutions, NOESIS will help you demonstrate their value to your potential customers.

Public sector: NOESIS will provide you with evidence-based guidance to decide on which Big Data projects to invest in. It will help you choose the most suitable solutions for your needs and point to optimal scales of implementation.

For any questions please contact:
Mr. Stratos Arampatzis
NOESIS Project Manager
sa (at)

You can directly download the press release here.