Methodological objectivesBusiness / economic objectivesLegal and institutional objectivesSocial objectivesPolicy objectives
To build and maintain the first organized collection of use cases for Big Data applications and services in the field of transport and logistics.
To investigate the pattern(s) behind the success of big data services/investments in terms of value generation
To identify the methodological issues and to develop appropriate tools in order to allow for effective data mining and data exploitation for transport related challenges.
To develop an Impact Assessment methodology for assessing the socioeconomic impact of Big data applications.
To create new business opportunities for SMEs of the new Economy in providing high quality and low cost, big data applications in transport.
To create the Responsible Code of conduct for big data management in transport
To develop a methodology for assessing the socio-economic value of Big Data applications, in order to boost social inclusion in service provision and opportunities throughout Europe
To provide know-how and methodological ideas to big data domains outside transport for the transfer of the methodological approach
To provide an integrated policy analysis tool in respect to big data implementation