D2.1 Big Data and emerging transportation challenges (pending for approval by the EC)
D2.2 Big Data implementation context in transport (pending for approval by the EC)
D2.3 Big Data in Transport Library (pending for approval by the EC)

D3.1 Learning Framework methodology architecture (pending for approval by the EC)
D3.2  Development and validation of the NOESIS Decision Support tool (DST) (August 2019)

D4.1 Summary to Practitioners on Laws, Regulations, and Directives on Data Privacy, Security and Openness (pending for approval by the EC)
D4.2 Data governance and institutional issues (pending for approval by the EC)
D4.3 Handbook on Key Lessons Learnt and Transferable Practices (June 2019)

D5.1 Data Benefit Analysis and Impact Assessment Methodologies (IAM) for appraising big data solution in transport (October 2019)
D5.2 Suitability of business and organizational models for the successful implementation of big data in transport solutions (August 2019)
D5.3 Technological and policy roadmaps (October 2019)

D6.4 Exploitation plan (October 2019)
D6.5 Policy briefs (October 2019)