Use Case Example

Use Case Data

General Information
Use case title Traffic hotspot via Taxi
Short description Using taxi in the movement to estimate the traffic hot spot in the city
Big Data application(s) Using GPS and taxi routes as samples to model the city traffic hot spot instead of using expensive and exhaustive sensors and solutions to make reliablecity traffic model.
Big Data service/solution Use AI methods and friendly visualization tool to show where are the traffic hot spot in near real time.
Stakeholders City council and taxi driver
Organization type Public administration
Business sector public transportation and traffic management
Size of the organization > 1000 staff
Transport Related Information
Transport mode(s) Road
Transport sector Passenger
Sector for freight transport
Modes for freight intermodal transport
Modes for freight multimodal transport
User/element specification drivers
Specific user problem/feature addressed: to reduce traffic jam
Study area Urban
Time horizon until implementation Long-term (>7 years)
Estimated demand group affected all drivers and residents, as it can reduce traffic time and air pollution.
Other transport-related information
Use case challenges
Environment and health challenges
Other environment and health challenges
Automation challenges
Other automation challenges
Safety and security challenges
Other safety and security challenges
Transport management and operation challenges Resources optimization and cost management, Management of traffic environment changes, Congestion pricing, Short-time forecasting
Other transport management and operation challenges
Transport policy and planning challenges Optimization of the regulation/privatization levels, Transport sustainability, Integration of land use planning and environmental concerns
Other transport policy and planning challenges
Freight and logistics challenges
Other freight and logistics challenges
Integration challenges Infrastructure and services integration, Transport policies integration and coordination with other sectors, IT systems integration
Other integration challenges
Funding/financing cost efficiency challenges
Other funding/financing cost efficiency challenges
Social & psychological aspects challenges
Other social & psychological aspects challenges
Data related challenges Redundancy, Data value, Quality, Data collection, Data accessibility
Other data related challenges
Quality of service challenges
Other quality of service challenges
Resilience challenges
Other resilience challenges
Maintenance challenges
Other maintenance challenges
Other challenges
Data related information
Type of information taxi car registration and driver and their GPS
Existing data gap Data were not available – additional data investments were needed
Data source Internet of things
Data size >3TG
Data resolution and units
Spatial resolution
Spatial resolution units
Temporal resolution
Temporal resolution units
Data collection period
Start of data collection period
End of data collection period
Data velocity Near real-time
Data veracity Noise
Variable sources Yes
Data variety Semistructured
Relational data management system
Semistructured data storage type logs
Unstructured data storage type
Institution around data management
Data processing technique/tool Hadoop
Data analysis method Regression, Clustering‎
Other data related information
Privacy, Security and Governance Information
Privacy Concerns
Business Confidentiality Problems
Legal Environment
Governance Information
Do you develop a long-term vision for the usage of Big Data in your organization?
Do you have a defined structure for managing Big Data projects?
Have you defined business processes for integrating Big Data sources and results into your work?
Do you have a framework for dealing with privacy issues?
Other concerns related to privacy/security-governance
Value creation
Application period 3 - 10 years
Total CAPITAL EXPENDITURES (CAPEX) used to undertake the Big Data investment Not available
Financing of CAPEX Public budget
Yearly OPERATING EXPENSES (OPEX) for the Big Data application
Financing of OPEX
Final clients Government
Life-cycle costs savings
More revenue
New business opportunities for own organization
To better know clients/users
Improve KnowHow - scale & generalize to other solutions
To improve supervision and surveillance
Other benefits or profits for organization
To improve safety & security
To reduce environmental impacts
To improve quality of service
To improve information provision to clients/users
Travel time savings
To improve planning and coordination across stakeholders
To improve reliability
Job creation
Other benefits for the society
Benefit/CAPEX-OPEX ratio 50% - 100% costs
Recommendation No. 1
Recommendation title urban traffic management via taxi movement
Recommendation category Data analytics
Element to be improved use google map and mobile GPS via satellite navigation systems
Recommendation N/A
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